Weight is Not the Best Indicator of Progress or Success

So often we get hung up one the numbers on the scale.  We set goals to lose 10, 20, 30 lbs and while this is tangible it is not always in our control and can be a very demotivating and misleading way to measure progress. 

Here are some questions to consider when getting hung up on the numbers on the scale.  What does that number really mean?  What is going to be different about your life when you lose that 10, 20, 30 lbs?  Weight loss takes time.  What will you do to stay motivated during the process?  What will your motivation be to maintain those changes once you lose the weight?

Here are some better ways to decide if your nutrition and exercise plan is steering you in the direction of your goals and leading you to sustainable long term success.

1)  Do you feel satisfied after meals?  Processed foods will leave you wanting more, it will force you to use "willpower" to avoid overeating.  If you are eating healthy and nutrient dense food your body will know when to stop and you will feel full and satisfied.  When was the last time you over ate carrots??  When was the last time you couldn't stop eating the potato chips you were only going to have 1 of?  

2)  How is your energy?  Do you need caffeine or sugar to keep your energy stable.  Do you need to use the snooze button in the morning.  Being nutrient deficient and not moving enough will drain your energy.  If you do not have to rely on caffeine and sugar for energy this is a good thing!!

3) How are you sleeping?  Poor sleep can be caused by stress, aging, hormonal changes , being a new parent, and so on.  Caffeine, sugar and alcohol can impact your sleep. If your sleep improves you are making progress rather or not the scale is changing.  

4)How do your clothes fit?  Muscle weighs more then fat but takes up less space.  So even though that number may not change as you would like you still are making progress. Bonus: muscle burns more calories, as much as 50 calories per lb.  So, pick up those dumbells!! 

5)What kind of mood are you in?  If it is a sustainable plan you will be happy, you shouldn't feel hangry, crabby, or like a party pooper.  A good nutrition and exercise program will leave you feeling confident, empowered to keep going, clear headed and positive.  You will be motivated to continue regardless of the number on the scale.  

My goal is not to simply help clients lose weight but to help you live your life to the fullest.  To be happy, confident, and excited about life, and proud of your progress even if that number on the scale isn't giving you the answer you were hoping for.  .

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