Personalized Coaching

Are you struggling to lose weight, eat healthy, feeling stressed? If so, contact me today! Often times we know what we want to accomplish, we might even know what we want to do. The problem is knowing is easy and doing is hard. Personalized coaching can give you the information and education you need to be successful as well as help setting appropriate goals to make change happen.

I will help guide you on your transformation journey, support, encourage, and hold you accountable.  Contact me if you are looking for a fully supported program customized for you.


Exercise. Training. Consulting.

I have all of your motivational, nutritional, and exercise equipment needs covered.

Client Testimonials

Enjoy Life Again.

“Amy has shown me exercises and activities to help me regain mobility, flexibility, and range of motion lost to age, arthritis, and shoulder injuries. I am able to be more active and enjoy life again. Thanks, Amy!”

— Pat W.

Sports Injuries.

“I had a couple of winter sports injuries - my knee and my wrist. Each requiring a surgery. Amy went through the rehab with me for both of them. I made a full recovery in each instance and I am stronger than ever.” 

—Jackie R.

Lost 130 lbs.

“I lost 130lbs. and I am keeping it off with Amy and A Better Me Fitness.”

— Jennifer D.