My Mission Page

I am like you.  A mom, a wife, a business owner.  BUSY. BUSY. BUSY. I like to drink wine, eat bacon and chocolate, and relax on the couch. I also like to be happy, have energy, feel in charge of my life and my health.  I am passionate about being a strong, vibrant, balanced role model for my girls.

I hold a degree in Kinesiology. I have multiple certifications. I have a lengthy list of experience in the fitness and wellness industry ranging from owning my own personal training business to conducting health coaching for a corporation. But the real reason you should work with me is because I am passionate about helping women feel in charge of their health and their lives. You see, I  come from a long history of disordered eating and remember feeling pressure from family, media, and frankly, myself to look, feel and be a certain way. Never feeling quite skinny or pretty enough. It got old, it was exhausting and I wasn't happy.  I decided to do something about it!

I began exercising, practicing daily positivity, and worked to stop the negative self-talk in my head. This led to more confidence, strength and a sense of control over who I was. I felt empowered.

I have learned over the years that the road to health and happiness is not a straight line. It is not always easy to make it to the gym, eat a salad, or be kind to myself. I have accepted that I will never be perfect but that I am in charge of where I end up. There is so much confusion and pressure in the fitness and nutrition world and it can be overwhelming. My education, my training, and my experience give me the skills to help others transform their lives. But it's my personal experience and my passion for women to be happy ans love themselves that drive me. Call me today if you want to join me on this mission.  Email me today!


Amy's Motto:

"I approach exercise with an open mind, what's right for one is not right for everyone..."


  • Women's Fitness
  • Pre/Post Natal Fitness
  • Peri-Menopause/Menopause
  • Muscle Conditioning and Toning
  • Weight Loss
  • General Conditioning
  • Core and Functional Training
  • Older Adult Training 
  • Wellness Coaching

Client Testimonials

Challenge Me, Push Me.

“Working with Amy motivates me to put in more effort to my workouts and live a healthier lifestyle. Not only do my workouts challenge me, push me and keep me from getting bored, they also are tailored to my specific needs, time, and enjoyment.  Additionally, while working with Amy, she provides tips on how to eat healthier and maintain a generally healthy lifestyle.”

— Lindsay W.

Stronger than ever!

“I had a couple of winter sports injuries - my knee and my wrist. Each requiring a surgery. Amy went through the rehab with me for both of them. I made a full recovery in each instance and I am stronger than ever.”

— Jackie R.

Great Motivator.

“Amy did an exceptional job at adjusting my fitness routine to always keep me challenged and never bored with my workouts. She was a great motivator for me to reach my weight goal and provide me with the realization of how important it is to incorporate weight training in my fitness routine.”

— Brianna B.

A Better You with Daily Motivation and Habit Based Coaching!