Food Prep and Meal Planning.

Are you too busy to prepare healthy foods or maybe you just don't enjoy cooking and preparing meals.  Wouldn't it be nice if someone could do all of this for you? Good news.  A Better Me Fitness can.  

The biggest complaint I hear as to why people do not eat healthy is lack of time.  If you want help creating menu's, prepping meals, grocery shopping, etc.  We are here to help you.   Together we will customize a program to fit your needs. 

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Grocery Shopping

Menu Plannng

Food Prep

Wouldn't it be nice not to think about the dreaded question. "What's for dinner?"  

Client Testimonials

Exceptional Job.

"Amy did an exceptional job at adjusting my fitness routine to always keep me challenged and never bored with my workouts. She was a great motivator for me to reach my weight goal and provide me with the realization of how important it is to incorporate weight training in my fitness routine."

— Brianna B.

Keeping It Off.

“I lost 130 lbs. and I am keeping it off with Amy and A Better Me Fitness.”

— Jennifer D.

Healthier Lifestyle.

“Working with Amy motivates me to put in more effort to my workouts and live a healthier lifestyle. Not only do my workouts challenge me, push me and keep me from getting bored, they also are tailored to my specific needs, time, and enjoyment.  Additionally, while working with Amy, she provides tips on how to eat healthier and maintain a generally healthy lifestyle.”

— Lindsay W.