Why My Kids Are Keeping Their Halloween Candy

I am reposting from last year because it is worth repeating.  Steal a piece of candy yourself and enjoy the read!!

My kids will be keeping their Halloween candy and get this I am even going to even let them eat it.  But before you freak out and start judging me let me explain why.  

1. Deprivation leads to overindulgence.  You've done it.  Banned yourself from cookies and then gave in and ate the whole damn box.  I will set boundaries and they will not get to choose when or how much candy they get but I will allow them to have a piece everyday if they want after a meal.  

2. Labeling food as "good" and "bad" is wrong.  My kids know that candy is not a healthy food.  They know that if they want to be fast runners or good readers and have lots of energy that they need to eat fruits, veggies, and plenty of healthy protein and fat.  I sure as hell am not going to send them the message that if they eat a piece of candy they are going to turn into a fat ass. Labeling food this way causes shame!!!   Instead we call candy a "sometimes" food and I am working to teach them that it is okay to have a piece of candy if they truly enjoy it but that they must also nourish their bodies with the foods that will give you energy, build muscle and fuel thier brain. 

3.   I'm no idiot.  If I don't let them have it someone else will.  Grandma, their friends mom, the neighbors etc.  My kids bring junk home all the time and guess what they give it to me, they tell me what they ate, and I know what they are putting in their mouths.  If you are the food police and think you kids are not eating this junk at their friends house you are WRONG and get this they are probably eating 3x as much my my kids because you never let them have it.

4.  Giving kids choices makes them think and teaches them to take pride and ownership of their decisions.  For example my kids are allowed to have a snack at school during the day and I give them a snack after school.  They begged me to take Goldfish to school because that is what all the other kids get.  So, finally, I gave in and guess what they took those damn Goldfish everyday this school year until this week. When I asked the question:  "what do you want for snack today?" .  My 5 year old replied "I want Jicama sticks" 

I about had a heart attack as she is my junk food kid and doesn't fully grasp the messages I am sending yet about choosing healthy foods..  However, let me repeat she asked for jicama.  Now, before I go ahead and put my gold crown on I will confess she only did this because she wanted Goldfish after school instead but still this is progress.  

So there you have it.  We do eat candy in our house because I am a realist and because I believe that nothing is good or bad.  Anything can be enjoyed in moderation and in fact it should be.  Have a piece of candy but NOT the whole bag.

Happy Halloween.