A New Year's Resolution Shouldn't Be About Losing Weight

As many of us (me included) have over-indulged, lacked sleep and been neglectful to our bodies over the holidays it is easy to beat yourself up, criticize yourself, and become frustrated.  Now, as you approach the new year you are resolving to lose weight and get in shape.  You will run out and buy the latest workout gear, start a gluten-free, sugar-free diet, or whatever the latest diet craze is and in one month you will quit.  Sound familiar?  

The problem with this type of resolution is that it is often based on punishment and obligation.  We tell ourselves we must lose weight and if we do not we are failures.  PHEW, that is a lot of pressure and frankly sounds really awful.   

What if this year instead of resolving to lose weight you resolve to be kinder to your mind and body?  What if you set a goal not to lose weight but to treat yourself better?  

Here are some examples of how this might make a difference.  If your goal is to lose weight you might decide to exercise because it is necessary to be successful, you might eat more vegetables because they are low in calories and you have to, you might vow not to eat a cookie ever again and then when you do you will tell yourself you are weak, a failure, and then eat 10.  Sound familiar?

What if instead you resolve to be kinder to your mind and body?  How might things be different?  You might choose to exercise not out of obligation but because it is a small amount of time you get to take each day for yourself.  You might begin to choose vegetables that you enjoy and know will nourish your body.  You might still eat a cookie here or there but will remind yourself that you are human and humans are imperfect.  You would likely forgive yourself, and stop after one or two.  

Which resolution sounds better to you?  

So, if your goal is to lose weight consider your headspace.  If you are looking at this an obligation, something you HAVE to do you will likely fail.  However, if you think of it as something you are choosing to work on to be a better version of yourself you will likely be successful.  Life is to short to be hard on ourselves.  Love yourself where you are and always work to be better not because you have to but because you want to!!  

Happy New Years Everyone.  You are Awesome just the way you are.