My 2018 Diet Recommendation: Stop Dieting!!!!

The latest diet trend might actually be not a diet at all.  Before you jump on board with the latest diet trends ask yourself the following question:   Am I willing to eat this way for the rest of my life?   If the answer is no please reconsider how you could change the diet to make it better fit your forever life.  

See the answer to long-term weight loss success is not some crazy restrictive diet. This is only likely to drive the "all or nothing" mentality.  You have seen and if you are reading this likely done this.  For example you ate no sugar what so ever for two weeks and then ate an entire bag of Oreos the minute your two weeks were up.  Where did this get you?  

This year I challenge you stop dieting and get real about your normal eating habits.  That means you have to own up.  Yes, you can eat whatever you want but you better get real about what moderation means.  I suggest looking at your entire weeks consumption and aim for 75% to 90% compliance to healthy whole foods.  For weight loss you really need to be close to 90%. 

So, for math purposes let say you want to eat 75% healthy and you eat 4x per day.  That means 1x per day or 7 of your 28 meals/snacks can be "unhealthy".   That sounds like a lot but is it? Remember everything you consume not just meals needs to be accounted for.  So, if you have dessert, alcohol, chips and salsa, soda, sugary coffee drinks all of these things count towards that total.  Oh by the way, if you eat more then one serving you better count it as more then one meal/snack. 

In the short term it might actually be easier to follow a diet then be honest with yourself about what and why you eat the way you do but I promise if you do you will never have to go on another diet as long as you live.  If you need help with accountability or help with meal planning consider hiring a coach to help you.