The 3 Step Plan for Losing Weight (or accomplishing any goal).

 Do you ever wonder why or how some people can accomplish so much.  Are they just programmed like a machine, do they have crazy super-powers that the rest of us do not have? I have coached and trained a lot of women.  Some work full-time and some do not.  Some have 3 kids. Some have 1.  Some have husbands that travel. Maybe some of them do not even have a husband.  It doesn't matter.  They do not have super powers.  They are no better or worse then you.  But they are good at setting goals and following through. Here is how they do it.  

1.  Know why you want to lose weight (or whatever else it might be).  Don't give me some generic answer like "I want to be healthy" or the worst reason I hear is "because I know I should."  That is not a reason, are you 5?  SO, really think about this question. Find your why and ask again why does that matter until you know for certain why it matters.  It will drive you. Trust me.  Being healthy is not easy.  You need to know your goal and more importantly, your motivation.  Keep in mind his will change from time to time so be sure to reevaluate.  

Envision you life once you reach this goal.  What will be different?  How will you know you have arrived?  These questions might help you uncover your why.  As a coach I spend a lot of time making sure I know my client's why.  None of the other steps will work if you do not do this one first.  

2. Know what you are willing to do or not do.  For example: if you love bread and cannot envision your life without it do not go on a low carb diet.  That is like putting a a toy in front of 3 year old and asking them not play with it.  Just plain mean.  However, maybe you could cut back on bread and would be willing to only eat it 1x per day instead of 3.  I will share some of examples of things I am doing to maintain my weight.

  • I am committed to exercise 5 days per week for 45-60 minutes.  
  • I am committed to eatting a healthy breakfast each morning. 
  • I am committed to eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day.  
  • I am committed  to eating 75-80% of my meals at home. 
  • I am NOT willing to give up my small treat after lunch or dinner (chop off my arm if you want but I am not giving up my chocolate).  
  • I am NOT willing to give up wine with my husband at dinner 1x per week.  
  • I am NOT willing to commit to ordering a healthy meal when I eat out (hence the commitment above to eat at home 75-80% of the time)

Take note that this commitments are very specific.  These habits are what determine your success reaching any goal. 

3. Make sure you can be consistent with the action steps above.  You must be willing to commit and stick with these things 80-90% of the time.  If you cannot do this please go back and change the list.  Make it easier for gods sake.  Life is a marathon not a sprint take your time, be realistic and, do not over commit.

Like I mentioned you can use this system for any goal rather it is weight loss, saving money, quitting smoking, having less stress.  If you follow this plan you will be successful.  If you need help consider hiring a coach to help you find your way and create the habit goals that will get you the results of your dreams. 

Good luck and have fun taking charge of your life!!